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(I am your father! Major TV/book spoilers ahead!)

Grand Admiral Thrawn. His eyes see right through you.

Grand Admiral Thrawn (both in canon and legends) is one of the most strategically capable, intellectually brilliant, and principled characters in the whole Star Wars Universe. While many expect him to become the primary villain in the Mandalorian, I argue that such a turn would contradict the character’s backstory and motivations. A decade ago, Thrawn was indeed the antagonist in the non-canon book trilogy (now considered Legends) that featured Luke, Leia, Han, and the New Republic. While the current Thrawn shares his predecessor’s intuitive intellect and appreciation of art, his backstory and…

Teo Bileta

Teo Bileta is a social historian, who writes all the time. You can find her ramblings here:

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